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He said that in these cases, Chinese men typically bought women from brokers in Burma and took them over the border to marry them. And in a series of Burmese folk tales concerning wise and remarkable decisions in law, which have been collected by Dr. They also beat my mother with a gun and dragged her outside to the road and beat her to the ground.

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The idea of big businesses, of import-export firms, of offices or shops being run by women which so surprises the foreigner seems perfectly ordinary to the Burmese. Women work mainly in teaching and nursing. Domestic violence has traditionally been regarded as private matter. The working committee has identified six critical areas of concern that are considered to be the most relevant for advancement of Myanmar women.

Instead, they face at best lives of misery and drudgery. Which also implies that the mother rules the rest of the household.

In Burmese society we have never had the kind of parties and entertainments that are usual in the West. Women manage domestic issues in the household and the man expects these to be done to be done whilst he is earning a living. Therefore med-sized agencies with particular strengths are increasingly important and in demand in the agency mix. Just send email to akustan gmail.