Accommodating math students with learning disabilities

Accommodating math students with learning disabilities

You realize that, sometimes, it behooves her to practice using algorithms or doing mental math so that her capacity to calculate improves. Once she has developed some confidence, Bernadette may benefit from working with other students who also enjoy using manipulatives. You also teach her that, before she begins solving a problem, she should figure out how many steps it has, what operations she will need, and what her plan of attack will be. She has trouble understanding mathematical concepts.

Bernadette needs to work with manipulatives so she can use her tactile senses rather than depending upon reading, by breaking down problems into step-by-step sequences. This means that it can be really hard for her to break down and approach a multi-step problem. The use of manipulatives is also encouraged.

Simplifying Language Finally, you notice that Jeanie sometimes gets bogged down in story problems that have a lot of language. She should try to try to provide a stress-free environment where learning is not tied to credits or grades. The observer sees only the input and output, not the processing of the information. On the other hand, there are times when what you want Jeanie to grasp is more conceptual, and the requirement of calculation is getting in the way of her ability to move conceptually forward. This enables her to focus on the mathematical aspect of the problem without getting overwhelmed by language.

He or she may have a difficult time understanding the large discrepancy between reading comprehension and verbal skills. The effects of a learning disability range from mild to severe. She has never been employed outside the home. Calculators and Manipulatives Another thing you come to understand is that some kinds of calculations are really hard for Jeanie. After he understands the concepts, the instructor can develop some pocket-sized math fact charts that Timothy can rely on when needed.

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Let's take a look at two hypothetical students who are experiencing math learning disabilities and how their teachers might best facilitate their learning. Learning disabilities may also be present along with other disabilities, such as mobility or sensory impairments. Her husband just passed away after a long illness. Finally, consider that many students with learning disabilities have weak executive function skills, or the ability to organize and prioritize.