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For more than a hundred years after the first settlement, the Dutch Reformed Church was the only legally permitted and established church on South African soil. In recent decades some neighbouring countries have invited Afrikaners to immigrate to upgrade or reestablish the commercial farming sector of those nations.

Afrikaners live primarily in the Republic of South Africa. In recent decades, however, emigration of Afrikaners as well as other whites out of South Africa to other lands has increased.

The first and largest base of this people was Malay Cape Coloured, or the brown Afrikaners. Zulus killed hundreds of Boer settlers As important as the Trek was to the formation of Boer ethnic identity, so were the running conflicts with various indigenous groups along the way. Afrikaner population has decreased in the last three decades, due to emigration. Read his brief introduction to the Patagonia Boers here.

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Figures are usually given for Afrikaans speakers, which includes other communities. But the common language of the people was increasingly Afrikaans. Traditionally patriarchal, there is strong emphasis on respect for elders. The Dutch government forbade enslaving indigenous people of southern Africa.

Vegetables are often flavored and sweetened. Their contributions to the development of southern Africa are undeniable, although these have been overshadowed by their association with the disastrous policies of apartheid. The influx of gold diggers into the Transvaal led to tensions with the farmers and the Volksraad who feared that these uitlanders foreigners would deprive them of their country.

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It has great power of expression in the down-to-earth things of everyday life. Without doubt, rugby is the national sport of Afrikaners, followed fairly closely by cricket. Many are devout members of the Dutch Reformed Church.

The British had a small port colony the future Durban there but were unable to seize the whole of area from the war-ready Zulus, and only kept to the Port of Natal. Possessing a language and culture that is unique to southern Africa, Afrikaner have described themselves as the White Tribe of Africa. They intended to establishing independent republics far from the interfering reach of the British colonial authorities in the Cape. The Dutch in the Netherlands despised Afrikaans as a corruption of pure Dutch, fit only to be spoken in the kitchen and by the servants.