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This festival is sponsored by Copel through Rouanet Law. With a growing and relevant film production, the city of Curitiba lacked a space for dissemination and training, in order to help local production and get the viewer in touch with artistic works. To us, generating, transmitting and distributing energy is not enough. After all, like many of the people born or adopted by this city, Volvo has a very close relation with Curitiba.

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Moreover, we support and help preserve local culture. This self-awareness in the world requires involvement and commitment. We invite everyone to join us in this journey, which begins now and, we believe, will persist on making the festival Olhar de Cinema a film reference in the cultural scene of Curitiba. Partnerships and opportunities being created around cinema.

Also she is a professor

Parcerias e oportunidades sendo criadas em torno do cinema. Outside any cinema axis and secular influences, we deemed irrelevant criteria such as previous participation in major festivals and awards. It will have debates, workshops and a seminar leading to reflection, the exchange of ideas and, in particular, a unique glimpse of films that normally do not make it to the commercial circuit. All this in a dynamic and friendly atmosphere. Comprising several cultural expressions, the direction of the festival wants the meeting of new talents with veteran directors, prestigious guests and the audience to be the soul of the festival.

Let the lights go out and the magic light up the screen. Also, she is a professor in several colleges of Buenos Aires. Inovamos, investimos e acreditamos nas novas energias.

We believe that the promotion of contemporary art brings cultural heritage to life. We currently inform our customers of their rights and duties and about the safe use of energy. In he directed the classic feature film Bang Bang. Que as luzes se apaguem e que na tela se acenda a magia.

Assumimos que um dos fatores determinantes para a escolha dos filmes fosse o posicionamento dos realizadores diante de sua sociedade. Our commitment to the well being of the society goes further. In the end, writing about it is like writing about something that does not exist, because what exists are cinematographies, films, directors, viewers. Seja bem-vindo a um olhar diferente. He is a director, producer, writer and director of photography.