He begins planning his escape

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Finally Cassidy falls outNext Herr Starr

Finally, Cassidy falls out of his chair and begins to snooze. Next, Herr Starr Pip Torrens is sitting at his desk, the Grail headquarters at another undisclosed location.

Our Cass is quite the multitasker. However, Marie orders Jody to keep Tulip under lock and key. However, she hesitates and ultimately flees the scene.

Cassidy approaches the bar and commences a drinking binge like the world is going to end. However, Marie is right behind them all, clenching the blood compact she has with Jesse in her hand. We see Cassidy is dragged away.

Starr, of course, reveals that Humperdoo is not ready to take his place as the Messiah, but Allfather still wishes to see something that proves the contrary. Featherstone divulges her idea to Starr, about tracking down Cassidy in New Orleans and using him as bait to lure Jesse to the Grail side of things. He proposes torture methods for Tulip. Later, Tulip kicks herself for messing up again.