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It should be noted that not all rappers were attempting to send a larger message and, therefore, many deviated with lighter fare. Concurrently, in response to societal malaise regarding law enforcement and gang culture, some assumed a more intimidating image. Scott's facebook worked the same way. Fiercely political artists like Public Enemy wore the colors of the Black nationalism movement black, green and red.

Then there's Meryl Davis and Charlie White. They wore gold medals in Sochi and stood on top of the podium. There should be a new post at some point this week. Sneakers, tracksuits and sweatbands served both function and form for dancers, and rappers often blended the aforementioned accoutrements with these pieces. She's not sharing on her facebook, when her facebook used to chronicle every step she took with Scott Moir.

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She's never out with a guy. Nobody ever sees her with Fedor. Songs of the time, like N.

Since her sham stint terminated, she's been on Battle of the Blades, a program that has more of an audience than any single program Jessica ever skated in her competitive career. Kente cloth fabrics, kufi caps and chains in the shape of Africa. There was a palpable defiance against authority, especially the police, as law enforcement was perceived as corrupt and unfair toward black men.

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She gets twitter, suddenly every random on the street can spot her blocks away. Even after it was restricted, her profile picture did the job.