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Fortunately both Phoenix and Mia defeated

Since she had refused to assist her in her plot, Dahlia would later refer to her twin as a traitor and backstabber. Fortunately, both Phoenix and Mia defeated her again with a breaking speech, which broke her so badly, she left Maya's body, and her spirit was sent to Hell forever.

Since she had refused to assist

Smith came up with a list of first and last names for Phoenix. Breakdown Dahlia has two breakdowns, each occurring in a different case. Phoenix manages to identify Redd White, a professional blackmailer, as the real killer, only to find himself charged with the killing instead. Because one of the episodes involves time zones, however, they had to specify where the game takes place and chose the United States without thinking a lot about it.

However, in one case, he inadvertently presents forged evidence to the court, not knowing it was forged until it was too late, and is forced to turn in his attorney's badge. This caused her to blush even while inside the detention center and about to stand trial for murder. After the case, it was revealed that Larry was the true culprit of the theft. As a result of circumstance, Misty was forced to summon Dahlia so that Pearl could not.

Meanwhile, Phoenix's now-assistant Maya announces that she will be returning to her home village to finish her spirit medium training. They can touch the touch screen to apply aluminum flake powder to search for finger prints. Seven years later, Phoenix is accused of murdering a man named Shadi Smith, who has no known past and is simply a wanderer. Afterwards, Maya was told by Mia, who Maya had channeled, to lock herself in the nearby temple and channel Dahlia into her own body.

Because of these two episodes, Takumi considered Edgeworth to be the game's protagonist in a way. As part of her new role, Iris made Wright mini-omelettes, knitted him a pink sweater with his initials, and had lunch with him everyday. After Karma suffers a breakdown in court and confesses to the cover-up, Edgeworth is set free. He re-wrote the character several times.