Tour to accompany the album

Are two members of pentatonix dating

He has won two Grammy alongside his group mate. The tour's shows kicked off in May with another five shows in Japan. Well, Scott Hoying is none other than the vocalist of famous Grammy winning acapella group Pentatonix.

Pentatonix were also featured on the Chinese version of The Sing-Off as guests where Kevin showcased his fluency in Mandarin. It marked their first album with Sallee and without Kaplan. Moreover, the relationship seems to have gone further as the duo are evident referring each other as a married couple. They are evident answering to the questions from fans across different social media. During that six-month period of picking covers and writing originals, Pentatonix released covers of both popular and classic songs on YouTube.

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Scott Hoying has earned impressive sum from his profession. Tour to accompany the album. Scott is one of three founding members of famous Pentatonix group. The album ended up being released one day early as a surprise gift to their fans. The music video follows the story of the film The Wizard of Oz with the artists dressed as its numerous lead roles.

We will have to wait till the duo publicly come up with answers. Scott is a singer, musician, and lyricist who is the vocalist of an acapella group called Phentatonix. But for Scott, it is all different as he is less open about his sexuality.

Constant hunger and love for music have made Scott what we know of him now.

They seem to be actually dating like boyfriend and girlfriend. If you are a member of a famous group then such attention is normal. Later two more members Avi Kaplan and Kevin Olusola were added to the group. This split is amicable and centers on his inability to keep up with the touring demands of the group, and deal with the distance from his family. Olusola performed cello on the song in lieu of a bass vocalist.

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