He's hot, but is also a womanizer

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She also hasn't given up on finding him, which Zidane is aware of. It helps that he's an awesome Con Man who tends to scam his way into penthouses, so he can make women believe he's rich and powerful.

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He promises not to make passes at Patty, and to her amazement and Don's, he keeps to his word. He's at least as smart and educated as Genis, the academic mage. Jonathan Ingram from Policenauts. In doing so, it had to combat the rival appeal of Dionysos as well as of other cults without being entirely immune to his influence.

No, it does not even matter if they don't live in the same universe. The main difference between him and Chow, however, is that Chow's past makes him at least sympathetic, whereas York comes off as a self-absorbed jerkass. My life priorities are harmony in family relationship, carrier success and health. Genpou Saji from Ikki Tousen. Of course, this doesn't always work out, and even the girls he does get don't hang around for long.

He's not that handsome, but he has a great deal of charisma and wit, plus he's tall, dark and rich. Seems to be immune to sexual harassment lawsuits. He's also a jerk and treats said ladies very badly. Luka from Bayonetta will never not flirt with a sexy lady.