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The census revealed that Atlanta had a majority black population for the first time in the city's history. By fall all five of the city's rail lines were again operational, and by the turn of the century, fifteen lines passed through the city, with more than trains arriving in Atlanta every day.

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Beyond the city limits new suburban developments arose, made possible by the presence first of the streetcar and later of the automobile. Unchecked suburban growth and widespread automobile use, for example, contributed to difficult traffic problems and environmental issues, including increased pollution.

Also during this time, the forerunner of Atlanta Technical College was established in downtown Atlanta, and offered vocational training. The Center for Puppetry Arts was the first puppetry center in the United States, and features performances and a hands-on museum that includes the Jim Henson Collection. Hartsfield's successor, Ivan Allen Jr. They host monthly game nights, meetings, along with a host of other events. Racial divisions that had emerged between suburb and city during the s remained evident, with the city retaining a majority black population while the suburbs were majority white.

On the other side of the color line, a separate business and entertainment district for African Americans was growing along Auburn Avenue. It secured Abraham Lincoln's U. In addition to these corporate giants, more than four-fifths of the nation's largest businesses maintain branch offices in the metropolitan area. As a result many Unionists left the city, and most of those who remained either went underground or kept a very low profile. It also accelerated the exodus of white Atlantans to the suburbs.

Perhaps the greatest indication of Atlanta's rising international status, however, was the awarding of the centennial summer Olympic Games to the city. Both the race riot and the Leo Frank lynching had far-ranging results.

The city is, by most measures, the business capital of the Southeast. It also ultimately doomed the Confederacy and its fading hopes for victory and independence. Most Atlantans considered the games a success, although some athletes and international visitors and journalists complained of inadequate lodging and transportation facilities. Changes in the racial makeup of the city were accompanied by equally important changes in the political structure of Atlanta. The Atlanta Ballet is the oldest professional dance company in America, as well as the largest self-supported arts organization in Georgia.

In black college students began a sit-in movement to desegregate downtown restaurants and other public facilities. Rapid population growth accompanied this postwar economic activity, and Atlanta expanded its borders to accommodate the growth. Activities include wine tasting, single mixes, jazz, a guitar hero night at club, and much more.

You will get an email the next day with your mutual matches so you can set up real dates. Frank's trial was marked by sensationalist press coverage and virulent anti-Semitism, and in the end he was found guilty. In the process of promoting and implementing these changes, Atlanta was remade and its economic, cultural, and physical structure dramatically altered. Many existing industries in the city were soon converted to wartime production, and newly established factories provided much-needed Confederate munitions and supplies.