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Despite the commercial success, Hamasaki decided to take control of her own career, becoming, most importantly, primary songwriter credited under the name of Crea. Love Again returned Hamasaki to familiar territory, debuting atop the charts once again.

Lion is doing such and such. By this point, preparations for Hamasaki's fourth album had begun.

Hamasaki enjoyed the freedom she experienced in New York. The distance proved to be too much for the couple, and they divorced in January amid something of a media circus. There have always been idol types who were called fashion leaders of their eras, and I would follow them, thinking they were cool for whatever reason. You know, if I'd yelled out alot, while looking like that, I would have gotten too much attention.

So since my mother was living freely, I believed that I could do so as well. The album also marked Hamasaki's thirteenth consecutive year with a number-one album, breaking her old record. This is her first album to have no singles released. Just as I started feeling that way, he called me again.

However, she said later that the album's tracks appeared to tell a story. Hamasaki began wasting her time shopping in Shibuya and singing at karaoke bars. Plus, my mother was the type of woman to put a wave in my hair. This would be the first Countdown Live show, something she would continue every year until the present day.

Nippon Columbia ultimately dropped the group. From a group of dozens of possible songs, the producers chose some, and I would narrow it down to the ones I wanted to do. Despite the setback, she vowed to continue and supported Guilty with a tenth anniversary tour that included stops in Taipei, Hong Kong, and Shanghai. Her own fans even considered her high-pitched voice screechy.