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Any other approach would be an injustice-both to the trees and to all the forest workers who have taken care of them for centuries. Just because they are your friend and you have a million mutual friends. Years after students leave the brick walls of Harvard or the gothic buildings of Yale, graduates disproportionately marry other Ivy League graduates. It saps the risk from the modern dating world, a new frontier where harassment abounds. We do this out of respect for the wood that has been in our care which is now lying at your feet.

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When we are contacted about a project we focus strictly on the wants and needs of the client. Sounds like a no brainer, but apparently not to this girl.

We make precise uncompromising demands regarding grains, knots and structure. It also gives you the full name, contact information, and sometimes even where your match works, rendering users neither shady nor faceless. We are narcissists, gravitating to the familiar and comfortable.

Though there is something vaguely patriarchal about a tool that keeps people within their social strata, it also makes sense. According to McLeod, the app has witnessed a percent spike in users from Boston since January. Advertisement Hinge has so far managed to avoid falling prey to the sexist remarks, innuendos, and harassment charges that have toppled top executives at Tinder and Snapchat. The biggest headlines, delivered to your inbox Get news as it happens.