Abdullah fires his Mauser

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These lyrics mirror many of the film's central themes, including Vereschagin's sadness and Sukhov's separation from Katerina. Sukhov carries a Nagant M revolver, a personal gift from brigade commander M. Stunt coordinator Aleksandr Massarski holds a Mauser as one of Abdullah's men.

Several Abdullah's men also use Nagant revolvers. As they wore burqas most of the time, they were often replaced by other women, and even by male soldiers from the military unit stationed nearby. Aristarch Igor Milonov holds his Mauser. One of the Abdullah's men Nikolai Vashchilin hit with lasso. Mortally wounded Abdullah fires his Mauser in the final scene.

Sukhov with captured Mauser. Note a broken front sight.

Several Abdullah's men

For example, a cut is seen on Vereschagin's face when he fights on the ship. All locals are known only by their first names.