She takes things at face-value

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They define the supernatural. Yeah, the hope for the romance. They were always there to discuss it with us and build that world. It was like a very fast-paced movie. The way Hemlock Grove is written, you want to watch the next episode because you want to know more.

Sometimes it can kill a career, if you do something bad. You have to hide a lot of things from yourself. You can watch at your own pace and be as caught up as you want. Dougray was such a generous actor to work with. Cary Fukunaga Beasts of No Nation was supposed to direct it, but he left over creative differences.

So my character is from that background. But unfortunately, with the nature of society these days and the fact that our generation is founded on instant gratification, the marketplace needs to match that.

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She has a very strong utilitarian instinct. It was just written in such a tasteful way and each character is so rich that each character is deserving of its own show.

Sometimes it can kill a

It was a mixture of the two. All these guys have all this experience and are there to tell the story. It had characters that were outcasts, and who were unique and different, in their own individual ways.