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These are surrounded by a double-membraned sac called the pericardium. The tough outer surface of the pericardium is called the fibrous membrane.

The pulmonary trunk branches into the left and right pulmonary arteries that carry the blood to each lung. Frontal section showing papillary muscles attached to the tricuspid valve on the right and to the mitral valve on the left via chordae tendineae. This distinction is visible also on the surface of the heart as the coronary sulcus. Further development will include the septa and valves formation and remodelling of the heart chambers. These networks collect into a main left and a main right trunk, which travel up the groove between the ventricles that exists on the heart's surface, receiving smaller vessels as they travel up.

The intercalated discs allow the cells to act as a syncytium and enable the contractions that pump blood through the heart and into the major arteries. These contractile cells are connected by intercalated discs which allow a rapid response to impulses of action potential from the pacemaker cells. It is continuous with the endothelium of the veins and arteries of the heart, and is joined to the myocardium with a thin layer of connective tissue. Sympathetic stimulation causes the release of the neurotransmitter norepinephrine also known as noradrenaline at the neuromuscular junction of the cardiac nerves.

The vagus nerve of the parasympathetic nervous system acts to decrease the heart rate, and nerves from the sympathetic trunk act to increase the heart rate. These nerves act to influence, but not control, the heart rate.

Two endocardial tubes form here that fuse to form a primitive heart tube known as the tubular heart. This is lined by a double inner membrane called the serous membrane that produces pericardial fluid to lubricate the surface of the heart. The pulmonary valve is located at the base of the pulmonary artery.

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These vessels then travel into the atrioventricular groove, and receive a third vessel which drains the section of the left ventricle sitting on the diaphragm. The right coronary artery runs in a groove at the back of the heart and the left anterior descending artery runs in a groove at the front. Sympathetic nerves also influence the force of heart contraction. The left main coronary artery splits shortly after leaving the aorta into two vessels, the left anterior descending and the left circumflex artery.

Blood flow through the coronary vessels occurs in peaks and troughs relating to the heart muscle's relaxation or contraction. This early start is crucial for subsequent embryonic and prenatal development. The interatrial septum separates the atria and the interventricular septum separates the ventricles. They did not know what to do with the frank depictions of sexuality and endeavored to hide them away from everyone but upper-class scholars. Subgenres Pornography encompasses a wide variety of genres.

These muscles prevent the valves from falling too far back when they close. The left ventricle pumps blood to the body through the aortic valve and into the aorta. The left anterior descending artery supplies heart tissue and the front, outer side, and the septum of the left ventricle. The left atrium has an outpouching called the left atrial appendage. There is no difference in female and male heart rates before birth.