Later he becomes Kinga's boyfriend

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At the same time Marek tries at all costs to hide his past fleeting romance, and his betrayal of Paulina. She introduced him to Helena, and then to Krzysztof. He has a son, Wojtek, whom he employed, but with whom he has a bad relationship due to having left his mother. His behavior makes his daughter run away from home and move in with Jasiek. In later episodes she dated Maciek, and ends the series as Ula's assistant.

They later decided to startThey have a session together in

They later decided to start a clothing company in Poland. They have a session together in South Africa.

Marek, a sensitive man, quickly befriends Ula, and he eventually develops feelings for the assistant. During the fashion show, organized by Ula, Marek confesses his love. She is a good and generous woman, very quickly becomes best friends with Ula.

Although the beginnings were difficult, the company evolved and over time became one of the most exclusive fashion brands in the country. He is in love with Viola, who likes rich men.

He went to Germany, returning after a few years to attempt to regain Ula's faith for financial reasons. The news of the Italian newspapers are always depressing. Despite his education, he had serious difficulties in finding a good job. She is still in love with Marek, her former lover. She has feelings for one of the bodyguards.