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We'd arranged to meet on the South Bank in London to go for a walk and then go to a museum. The guy then produced an anime drawing of me that he'd done himself, complete with a very pronounced bust. In this story you will see elements of being persistent but not obnoxious, as well as taking things slowly even though attraction and family pressure was high. Six months later we are now engaged and are planning to marry in January. It was also quite simple to navigate.

Read Joelle and Jason's experience of how both of their first impressions were changed as a gradual deepening friendship developed. Then he said he'd once found some similar ones abandoned in the street and given them to an ex-girlfriend as a gift. After a few weeks of hanging out and constant texting, he asked me on a date. You take this decision seriously and want to be responsible in the choice of a life partner.

So I smacked him with my woolly hat. So I figured I'd give it a shot. We seemed to fall in love very quickly as I flew to see her one month later. It was a proper wish-I-was-anywhere-but-here moment. We met on ChristianCrush just after the new year.

She just replied and

It's my first ever relationship, and it's the most amazing, God-organized thing that I can attest to ever witnessing. For us it started there, and sadly it finished there too.

She just replied and said the Tescos was fine. Frustration began to set in I guess and so one night for fun I typed in unlimited distance.

We didn't see each other again. Life is so much better since we met each other. Thank you ChristianCrush for helping me find a Godly man whom I love deeply. Because of his honest confessions to his parents and hers, God was able to bring blessings out of his transparency.

We love and support each other, and complement each other so well. When we finally met, he said his doctor had said he couldn't really walk very far, and he couldn't sit down. You'll also see how they tried to handle the demands of life responsibly while still finding ways to nurture a relationship.

We will be married in March. Saying the same things, picking the same furniture, and even disliking the same food. It didn't matter one bit that she was on the other side of the earth, the Middle East.

Frustration began to

Even though we grew up across the country from each other, we are so much alike. The next day she replied with a heart-felt message that said there is something special here. All I can say is that she wasn't rude, but everything about the evening made me feel like I was in a job interview with no hope of getting the job.

Six months ago I met user meljoyhutch for coffee after swapping many emails. We got married last year, and we both agree that we were created for each other.