It is used as a noun and verb

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He would compliment others about their performances. Complement can also be either a noun or a verb.

Let's look at some examples

It can be used as a noun or a verb and has several different variations. Compliment Compliment means to praising, encouraging, admiring or congratulating someone. Interestingly, compliment and complement both share a common root. This expression is somewhat formal, so it is more common within areas such a hospitality. All drinks are complimentary.

This will ensure you have used these and other commonly confused words correctly, every time. It means to completing something or to make something perfect or flawless.

Salt is the perfect complement to pepper when making popcorn. Additionally, complement starts with the letters comple, just like the word complete. She responded by complimenting his tie.

The jade and silver cufflinks go well with the green tie. Let's look at some examples. In short, compliments are something people give to one another to be kind and friendly. In the above example, the business partners are a good team because their different personalities work together to form a perfect skill set to run their business. While complement means something complementary to an object or work and after fulfilling that, object will be in perfect form.