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Indian cities going the smart way are focussing either on waste handling or its intelligent transportation. Many of the smart cities are also building infrastructure to manage storm water, rain water harvesting as well as lake rejuvenation.

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Horizontal curves are provided to change the direction or alignment of a road. Completed hundreds of buildings without use of wood. Moreover, while some are greenfield projects, others are retrofits. He is also the Chairman of Dr. Vertical curves are provided to change the slope in the road and may or may not.

The second is centripetal force, which is an external force required to keep the vehicle on a curved path. Smart building, in turn, controls aspects such as lighting and temperature in an energy-efficient way through automated infrastructure.

Self-reliant villages formed a sound basis for just, equitable and non-violent order, he believed. However, the nature of projects differs. While in places like Surat, the focus is on affordable housing, in Indore, it is about slum redevelopment.

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