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You can also get several discount and offers and save your money in huge margin. After the scan, in order to flush out the contrast materials, you will be recommended to take plenty of fluids. So overall you may account for three hours in total but usually, you will be free much earlier.

It can detect blood clots or any kind of blood leak in the brain. Some are quite expensive and few are cheaper than you think. For facial trauma related surgical reconstructions, ct head scans are widely used to determine the impact of damage in bone and soft tissues. Based on the requirement of the physician, visibility of internal structure has to be improved.

Cancer has been traditionally diagnosed by tissue biopsy such as needle biopsy, endoscopic biopsy, shave biopsy etc. Detectors and X-ray tubes rotate around the body when it is completely inside the scanner. There might be some kind of itching sensation which is very rare and can be cured quickly through medication. In traditional X-rays, the images of internal organs usually overlap. Breast, thyroid, lungs and bone marrow are more sensitive than brain because of its reduced cell divisions.

The appointment can be finalized as per your convenience and save you from long waiting hours at the center. Inform your doctor if you are allergic to contrast material, had any illness recently, have a medical condition and if you are claustrophobic. There are no diagnostic centers in Bangalore other than Sampige Onco Diagnostics, that has everything for cancer under a single roof. It has become an indispensable tool in the fight against cancer.

You will be waiting for a certain period in order to determine whether the images are clear enough to prepare reports. It can also be used to investigate eye related problems evaluation of the orbital apex and cavernous sinus.

It can detect blood clots

Once your scan is done, you will be monitored for some time whether you are affected with any side effects of contrast material. Recent days the usage of head scans are increased due to the stress related brain disorders and road accidents that causes skull fractures and brain damages.

Some are quite expensive and few

Some tumors havecalcification that glows brightly, and others form hypodense, fluid-filled cysts. Otherwise, there will be minor reactions such as nausea and vomiting rarely. If you are undergoing scan other than abdomen, there will be no problem.

Also it is commonly used to diagnose hearing related problems which happens due to the temporal bone diseases in skull. Higher the number of Slices, the more accuracy in detailed imaging. While using the contrast material you may feel some warmth sensation which is not a problem.

For lower spine scans, the contrast materials are usually injected into the spinal canal to detect tumours and to accurately locate the inflammation. Also it is widely used to conduct radiation therapies for brain and other tissue level cancers. Cancer is a big financial burden for many families and we at LabsAdvisor. Allow for at least an hour for testing. You will have to lie down on a table attached to the machine.

The contrast material, usually iodine based can cause some allergic reaction to patients only those have some other health issues which will be pre-diagnosed through medical tests. Doing good job for the public. Labs where both are good, will quote an exorbitant price.