She started walking towards him

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He was unable to

He decided to propose her in an innocent way. No one was ready to help him and no one was there to listen to him. Saying this, she jumped from the roof.

After a bit we

After a bit, we left the friend in one part of the club and stood in a corner near the dance floor. He was unable to write even a single line.

The bluish shade in them looks so perfect on you. She asked for a time slot so that she could manually prove it that she loves her boyfriend.

And then the inevitable question. She was very unhappy with his sharing and tries to bring her laughter back. My mother met him at a dinner a couple of years later and came back raving about him. Dream sharing is also good but not all the time. As she was very pretty, often she got proposals from guys but she was not interested in any of those who proposed her.

The husband was very calm irrespective to the fact that they were in a crisis scenario. It was quite strange for the writer.