But he denied popping her cherry

Cyndi wang and mike he dating

He played a typical arrogant superstar, but who actually suffered in his past life. In the pic, the year-old erstwhile Priestess of Sweet is seen sleeping in bed in a white camisole and pink undies, with her hand covering her face. Cyndi Wang learnt that the hard way when a leaked bedroom photo of her recently went viral. When she discovers that Mei Le is dating him, and not her elder son, she goes crazy.

She had tons of certificates, everyone enjoyed to be with her at work, and her boss just admired her hard work. He said the furthest they ever went was second base.

But the actor denied leaking the pic. Cyndi and Yuanhao during happier times. He said that he had never sent his phone for repair in the last two years nor lost it. Thirteen episode was a perfect number for this drama. The pair had dated for four years before ending things this February.

Upon learning the news, Cyndi reportedly broke down in tears. Because he falls in love with a worker in their bakery, he will end up cheating on Mei Le.

In this story, this is a more complicated twist. Cyndi is said to be very angry and upset over the photo leak.

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Yuanhao said that he took the photo as he found the sight of her snoozing very cute. To start off, our forever-shuai-ge, Mike He, was the lead. And of course, they hate each other when they meet at first. Afterwards, the internal family issue starts.

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