Cyrano dating agency ost part 3

Cyrano dating agency ost part 3

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She runs to tell Royal Consort Park that the king is waiting to see her right now, and shows her the letter eagerly. The indictment from his son shakes the king deeply, and yet he does nothing, again. As he walks away, Yeong grabs an arrow and lets one fly, and it splits an arrow embedded in the bulls-eye with incredible precision. She begs for Yeong to withdraw his order, and the cheeky glint reappears in his eye for a fleeting second before he turns concerned eyes on his sister. He asked who would want his mother killed, but the king warned him never to speak of it again.

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It was just a dream, but he looks thoroughly spooked, and the queen notes his discomfort silently. But his face is obscured by light, and the guard orders Ra-on to lower her head in respect. Yeong and Ra-on watch from across the pond and Yeong thinks back to his argument with his father earlier that day. The ministers whisper that the prince is shaking just like his father, and Yeong looks every bit as scared as the king.

Yeong kneels before the king, who announces to his ministers that the country is suffering because of his incompetence as a ruler, so he will make the crown prince regent, to rule in his place. Ra-on says this last one was different, because she made sure to deliver it properly.

In the s a production company bought the rights to the script but no movie was produced, and after the option expired, the rights reverted to Kim. Yeong snipes at both of them to follow, and takes them up to the top of the palace wall to watch the sunset. He complains that everything she does is weird and plops her hat back on her head with a playful bop before walking away. They lean back and enjoy the afternoon nap. She admits to giving up on waiting for the king, after seven years of sending letters and not having seen his face.

Back in the present, Yeong shouts that the king did nothing and told him in this very spot to just wait. The Yankees desperately need Severino to solidify himself as the fourth starter.