Dating a buffet clarinet b12

Dating a buffet clarinet b12

Though not quite as

If you're not sure what these are, check out the article on lever keys. Given that very few students will know whether or not their instrument is working properly this is quite a serious problem.

Though not quite as refined as professional model keys, they are nonetheless well finished, sturdy and smooth under the fingers. To sum up then, a fine student instrument that's built to last. My biggest criticism goes to the use of nylon pins on the left hand spatula keys. Top marks go for the addition of an adjustable thumbrest.

Personally I feel both camps have a valid point. The addition of a nylon collar on the ring thread would ensure a secure lock to the thumbrest and allow the ring to be set inline. It's certainly a lot better tonewise than many of its competitors. The mouthpiece seems to divide opinion.

To sum up then a fine

The old Regents were of a good weight - though the body material was inclined to be a tad brittle. The case provided is well built and sturdy, with room for reeds and grease etc. However, call me Mr Picky but I found that the locking screw doesn't entirely lock the thumbrest - and although the amount it can move is small I found it nonetheless annoying from time to time.