Unless you're a horrible person

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Don't approach women at bus stops Don't even think about it. Her portrait model has canceled, and would he mind slipping into a pair of women's shoes and stockings for a few moments so she can finish the painting on time.

You were most likely wrong. If you're looking to complete your Oscar playing cards this year, this is a good one to keep in your deck. So not only will you not get the girl, you may also be sectioned, and that is what is universally known as a bad day. Whilst this may be a slightly exaggerated metaphor for dating in Denmark, there are some unwritten rules in the land of the Vikings that seem to have become ingrained into their psyche.

Im anxious to see the critical response to this one. So here are some tips for making it out alive and a few bits of advice that will help you stand out from the crowd. Unless you're a horrible person.

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The dating battleground can be a fierce, unrelenting and savage arena, and Denmark is by no means an exception, especially when it comes to non-Danes trying to woo Danish women. But she just may find it incredibly charming if you were to pay for her glass of wine or cocktail. This looks like it's going to get quite a bit of awards acclaim, at least for these two performances my goodness do they look dazzling. Whereas many cultures in Europe deem it the norm for the male to whip his wallet out at the end of an expensive meal, in Denmark it is more likely the woman will insist on splitting the bill.

The saying patience is a virtue was created for dating Danes this may or may not be true. Here are his Valentine's Day tips for surviving the battlefield that is Danish dating. The Dane is a beautiful yet mysterious creature. It starts with a question, a simple favor asked of a husband by his wife on an afternoon chilled by the Baltic wind. As an expat, you may have naively left the airport with a sense of safety that the years of honing your irresistible charm will be enough to navigate the minefield of finding love in Denmark.