You didn't have to get an erection

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It seems like showing women naked

Even in porn, you will see the woman and see everything. If they just want to show off, they should be free to do it, just as women are.

With women, you see all the curves and all the mounds. Most of the stuff is societal, but it's societal through a male lens. People don't want to see me this way. How it affects men is that they're never seen.

They're a part of

Some of it is people putting sex and nudity together all the time. There's this thought that women aren't triggered visually the same way men are. If you're doing nudes and the subject is looking at the camera or looking at the viewer, that's supposed to be for arousal. Our men look like that, and we like to see our men naked.

It seems like showing women naked all the time has served to objectify them. They're a part of the creative process when we're shooting, and that helps them relax.