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As the day went on, her symptoms progressed. Well, even though she's a famous celebrity with everything in the world at her disposal, she still needs to take care of her body. And she's been beautiful for well over a decade. She knows when the other ghouls at Monster High look irritated or hiding something.

The beautiful and talented Hannah Montana is long overdue for a dentist appointment. All of the hottest celebrities see Dr. She's known for her eccentric style and unique take on the latest fashion trends. Disinfect the area and then use a cool laser to kill all the germs once and for all.

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Today you will have the chance to meet Barbie's best friend. Now she's going to need a big band-aid in order to get her back on her feet and send her back on her way through the playground again. Bollywood is big time and this beauty is part of the action. It's a great opportunity to travel the world and stay around one of the hottest celebrities out there. Here you got their battle.

Well, the media is spreading it all around the world. Kylie, are now getting ready for their weekly pampering session at their favorite hair salon in town - yours.

They need some sparkly dresses, elegant purses and precious jewelry. Dress her up in cute summer clothes as she relaxes by the ocean. She often quarrels with Twilight Sparkle as they both compete for popularity. But now she needs to think about some new goals to achieve and obstacles to overcome. This time of the year is so busy for her and she has to attend many important events.

They arrived on the red carpet, but their outfits are totally inappropriate for the event. The final decision is up to you, girl. It's always been a dream of hers to own and operate her very own store. Today she will be cheerleading in the first game of this soccer season.

Her stylist just quit her job now Gigi has no idea what to wear for her up coming event. She is a very busy girl who typically has a couple of projects that she's working on at the same time.

Today, you've been invited to get a behind the scenes look at this famous fashionista's beauty routine. Before you know it, the days will be longer, and the nights will be warmer. And most people collect something. She comes from the magical world of Spirited Away, where nothing is really as it seems.

But lately, Ariel has been having trouble breathing underwater. She loves to learn about them and take what she's learned so that she can care for them.

In this Autumn-Winter edition you'll have to dress our three beautiful girls, Audrey, Noelle and Yuki for this big event. Be on the lookout for her best friend to show up at the spa for their relaxing mud bath session. Normally, he breezes through his work as high speeds.