Dating religious guys

Dating religious guys

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Dating, especially as you continue to see someone, may come with a host of temptations and invitations to violate your values. My friend has a great relationship with her husband because they get to bond over their shared love of religion and worship. For Christian men, these values are especially important. They deeply influence dating behaviors, and so it is important to be honest with oneself and with dates so that everyone's value system can be respected and appreciated. Hold firm When you state your closely held beliefs, it is your responsibility to live up to them.

If you do compromise your beliefs, it is important to take responsibility for your own actions. Chat rooms allow you to instantly talk with someone who catches your eye and make the conversation flow more easily. Respect her and her values and ask that she respect yours, as well. Be upfront You should be upfront about your beliefs. Erik Steel Everyone comes to the dating table with a set of values developed over time.

Blaming the person you're dating, especially if she has different beliefs than you, is both unfair and unproductive. Respect yourself and anyone you're dating by holding firm to your beliefs.

You should feel open enough in your communication to address these issues as they arise, and, if you don't feel comfortable communicating, you're probably not seeing the right person for you. However, you might lose someone important to you by shifting blame onto her. Respect her beliefs Most denominations of Christianity have an element of proselytizing.

Similar values One of the easiest ways to alleviate many of the tensions Christian men face in dating situations is to seek out women with similar values. Sticking to your beliefs reinforces them and allows you to feel good about your decisions.