Okay, we made the last one up

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When done right, they can make us feel proud and boost our confidence. This is harmful because the brand tends to be generic and describes you and other qualified candidates who submitted a resume for consideration as being one and the same.

Eh, they can probably unlearn that habit. If you are ambivalent about how traditional a company is about their resume filtering practices, then be sure to make it match the job you are applying for. It's important to describe yourself, but avoid throwing out a barrage of empty adjectives. Okay, we made the last one up. The key to being unique is originality and templates in general promote conformity.

The following are some generalizations about which types of industries fall in to which camps. Unfortunately, not all employers evaluate resumes in the same way. You obviously don't want to be too brief, but if it's too long, people may skim the entire thing and miss important information. What is critical is the technique you use to create your Personal Brand fits your profession, level, personality and industry.

Executive Summary If you want

On LinkedIn especially your headline and summary must be written in such a way that it optimizes your ability to be found and makes people want to reach out to you. Executive Summary If you want to work for a company that likes that sort of thing, then put it in by all means. Only include information you feel comfortable filling out, but be honest with whatever tidbits you do choose to share.

If not consider this a failed attempt. Probably better to be straightforward about that. Being resume experts and having dabbled in dating ourselves, we thought about crafting the perfect dating resume template, for anyone to use. Your name or nickname followed by a series of numbers is sufficient. If you are applying for an entry-level position with lots of competition, your resume will help set you apart from others either in a good or bad way and your decision will have a bigger impact.

Best to get these out of the way early. Probably not, but something to consider. Preface After reading the other answer by kolossus I also wanted to add a bit on making sure the images are appropriate for the resume. After all, you want someone to be interested in you for the right reasons. Think about how the person reading your resume will react to it, and adjust accordingly.

On LinkedIn especially your