They tend to be unreasonable

Dating someone with reactive attachment disorder

This article will

It is our desire that the Lord use our experiences in the lives of others if He sees fit. Moreover, the symptoms of this disorder may become severe enough to lead to dangerous, self-destructive behavior. Often, they feel as if something is wrong but don't connect the dots with the fact that they themselves are the root cause of their own misery. Adults with attachment disorder indulge in impulsive behavior, which they may or may not regret later. Seeking expert help is the best way to assess and treat an attachment disorder.

Patterns of attachment continue through the life cycle and across generations. They do not like feeling this way alone and will provoke others to feel the same way or try to get others to agree with their negative emotions.

They feel like others around them accuse them for anything negative that happens. They are confused about life and appear puzzled. New relations are affected by the expectations developed in past relationships.

They often may regret the impulsive decisions, but some do not feel any regret. There is a light at the end of the tunnel.

They may use

They may use means like lying, cheating, and even stealing to do so. This article will help you understand more about reactive detachment disorder in adults and ways to live with and manage it. People who suffer from this disorder also face difficulty in giving and receiving love and affection from others.