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One outage may have far-reaching and costly impacts that are never fully identified. Wrong algorithms point the way to correct algorithms, as they bring new ideas. In response, Hales decided to formalize his proof, starting up the Flyspeck project, now in its eleventh year.

The reviewers gave up after spending a year of reviewing, saying that while they were unable to find any mistake, they are not completely certain that the proof is correct. So don't worry too much, just do your best. Despite the difficulty of specifying the exact dollar amount, a robust staffing model must consider the far-reaching effects of understaffing.

But it works, less or more. The National Academies Press. There are several of these proof systems around, but the most popular nowadays seems to be Coq.

So I went bit deeper to the problem and I came with solution of virtual directories. Unfortunately, this point of view is a tad naive. Instead, the idea is to use a proof assistant which gets hints and converts them, somehow, to a formal proof which can then be independently checked.

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