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Videos Upload, record and share videos. DolphinPro is mobile on all levels. As it is now, you have to hunt around to see what functionality was added and hope you find them all. There are too many to list here but let me just say that Boonex Dolphin has a lot of functionality and there are innumerable ways in which one can expand it. Great for documents, notes and announcements.

Mix and match the modules you need. In the administration guide, I could not find anything on any of these modules, which I found odd considering they are there with the default install. Having said that, the validator isn't perfect but I'd like to see some improvements here to bring that number down. That can the most famous social networking software.

Installation is pretty straight forward. Displayed in member menu and always handy. There are at last count just shy of templates on the Boonex market that allow you to customize Dolphin to your needs.

DolphinPro is mobile on

Good chat can be the most active place for community to hang-out. With categories and social sharing features. Theming is where Dolphin shines.

It's simply and easy to use and should be pretty easy to pick up for most administrators. Within here, most of the settings are standard fare.

Videos Upload record and

Create your social networking platform used for creating communities or community. There are basic configuration options such as meta descriptions present and permalinks can be configured. Some of these are implemented well, while others could use some improvements.

Create your own templates or choose from the variety at BoonEx Market. Spy Notification system integrated with other modules and displaying current activity updates to members.

Boonex Dolphin has been around for quite some time and has a pretty big following of users. One thing that Boonex Dolphin is not lacking in is its configuration settings, which allows you to really keep your system clean and functional while controlling almost every aspect of it. Let's get to the Boonex Dolphin Review.