This is just a precaution

Dreamweaver pages not updating from template

Any time you see multiple tabs at the top, it means that you have a few files open at the same time. They should all reflect the change you made. It may be your future employer or some nutcase living in your neighbourhood. Nor is it due to laziness.

This is your template

Dreamweaver will issue a warning that the file already exists, and asks you whether you want to overwrite the file. Users of this template will not be able to create new blocks in this region. Don't worry that you did not mark this Title field as editable in your template. Learn to recognise the colour of the active tab, the one that indicates which file you're currently working on. The Beginner's A-Z Guide first.

The template file that you're looking

You can always open it again at a later time when you really mean to change something in the template. Move the region outside the block tag if you want users to be able to do this. Use the Templates category of the Assets panel to manage existing templates, including renaming template files and deleting template files. Actually, you can use whatever title you want.

Currently the code represents the lay out of sliced up images for the web banner and some map tags surrounding the locations of where a button would link you to something else. The Title field is always considered an editable field by Dreamweaver. But you're still in control here. It has to do with usability.

Let me suggest that this probably include huge swathes of your right column, and the date portion or more accurately, the year of the copyright notice in your footer. In other words, it's up to you to decide what to make editable and what to leave as fixed. It seems to me to be almost like storing your dirty linen in public if I may be allowed to mangle a metaphor.

The template file that you're looking at has, by default, no editable regions. This is your template file. Apply template changes to the current template-based document Open the document in the Document window. Let's briefly go through the steps for this, so that when you need to do it, you will know how to. Open and modify the template attached to the current document Open the template-based document in the Document window.

To make sure that you are clear about what I'm talking about here, let me draw out the implications of the fixed and editable regions in your template. They should always be in your navigation menu.

This is just a precaution. If you see that on the current active tab, it means you're editing the template.