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But that is not our only face. We certainly keep talking about needing more Latino characters, but what we really need too are Latino writers and creators.

You got to prepare for some sharp left turns out of nowhere! It is an issue in Hollywood.

As we said in the beginning of this post, he is a handsome boy next door. For me, sometimes it will be easier to say a sentence in a different way. And it was great because they always made me feel really comfortable and just relax and create, and it was just amazing. And I could definitely learn from them.

What can you share about your character for the rest of the season? What does he look like these days now that he is older? In an interview with latina. They like actors to give their input. The season is definitely full of drama and sexiness and amazing music, so you should definitely tune in every Wednesday.

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Rafael de la Fuente Girlfriend? Empire actor Rafael de la Fuente is the kind of guy who grows hotter as he grows older.

Rafael de la Fuente

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They are massively popular. Empire is one of those shows where they let you add to it. There are different kinds of shows.

On having a Latino writer like Carlito Rodriguez on staff this season

Entertaining the audience is awesome, but when you add the fact that we can impact society in a positive way, it makes it so much more rewarding. She has created so much of her character on the spot. You just have to go along with it and be present and in the moment.

Rafael de La Fuente

Telenovelas have been around forever. Rafa these days is a sizzling hunk of a man?

Who is Rafael de la Fuente dating in real life? On Empire, de la Fuente, who got his start on the Spanish-language fantasy show Grachi and then on the U. Oh man, he is sizzling hot, hot, hot! She does it all the time, which is what is brilliant about her. When they did call me, two us dating service hackensack nj I was very excited.

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What say you Famewatchers? All these things are things that will change if we have more Latino creators and writers and Latinos behind the camera to help with that. Can he give Michael Phelps a run for his swimming money? How has it been to work with immensely talented veterans like Lee Daniels and Terrence Howard? And the show is incredibly entertaining but it also has a purpose and that is to address certain subject matters like that one.