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The number after the dash is a month code. In about September of Schwinn introduced the Phantom. These lights were normally sold with red lenses for use as taillights which makes this arrangement very unusual. Badged as a Trojan and sold through a distributor this bike is one step down form the Luxury Liner model which had more chrome and a taillight.

The Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company never built any of their own bicycles but contracted through different manufacturers such as Murray Ohio, Westfield, and Colson to build Goodyear badged bicycles. This particular bike is finished in rare, one year only colors and is original to include the tires. Some schwinn bicycle date it made a bicycling history, month and where to determine the number on their tire is part. Request for Information This component dating discussion is a work in progress.

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Hence Paramount serial numbers are unique to Paramounts and serve as a tally of Paramount production, while serial numbers on the fillet-brazed models were mixed in with other Schwinn models. Schwinn also built a factory in Greenville, Mississippi, but it didn't last, and even bought a factory in Hungary, but the deal fell through, and Schwinn never imported any Hungarian bikes to the U. Naturally, please send us pictures of the number on the year your bicycle company and year your schwinn bicycle made in.

Some, if not all, free sexual dating websites Sachs-Huret derailleurs have an open dating system stamped on the back of the derailleur. Maillard used an open dating system for their hubs and pedals. These could be the in-between years of transition between the Showa and Western calendar. Columbia used a variety of head badges such as the Pope badge on this bike.

This particular bicycle is unusual in that it has the upper level Huffman trim with a Firestone badge. Sansin and Sunshine hubs were made by the same company. The Bluebird is constructed from a stamped steel fuselage instead of having a standard top tube. The date is on the back side of the arm near the spider of the crank, typically of the form of the two-digit year above a letter, apparently representing the month.

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And the strategy of fillet brazing has been eclipsed too. Westfield Manufacturing built bicycles under many different brands. Fillet-brazed frames are also more costly to produce than lugged frames because they are made by hand and require hand finishing. There are currently less than a dozen of these bikes known. This model is a close relative of the Huffman Super Streamline models.

Lugged bicycle frames, for example, dating bnn are now manufactured by automated machines. The Zep also used a side mounted kick stand while lower level Hawthornes were still using the drop stands. This was a no-expense-spared project of Frank W.

Many of the bicycles sold by the Sears Roebuck and Co. Don't all cyclists have boxes and boxes of old components in their garage? So seatstay-to-seat-tube and rear-dropout brazing was often just partially smoothened, and the undersides of the chainstay-to-bottom-bracket joints were rarely finished or smoothened at all. This bike is an older restoration of, arguably, the most beautiful and highly sought after girls balloon bicycle ever built.

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Albums from which can help you have a vast array of schwinn made. Today fillet brazing is a fabrication method best suited for custom and specialty bicycles, yet from to you could walk into any Schwinn shop and buy this kind of bike off the rack. The Hex Tubes were made for three years and there were subtle differences between each year but all had the distinctive hex shaped frame.

Fillet-brazed bicycle frames are strong and have a neat and clean appearance, but they are uncommon because of the additional craftsmanship required. Com web site provided this date in the bike parts have a date code. This code was used on hubs that were stamped incised with information on their barrels. The unique perimeter frame omitted the traditional seat tube by using a sliding bracket to hold the seat post. Schwinn was, however, able to recruit an up-and- coming rider named Lance Armstrong to its ranks.

But fillet brazed sales undoubtedly stayed low as a result. Perhaps Schwinn selected these components out of habit, or maybe to offset the higher cost of fillet brazing. Naturally, for information provided by others, such as for the Campagnolo and Williams codes, the original source should be cited. Includes serial number in the schwinn bicycles have been. This particular bike was special ordered by a Firestone dealer to be his Christmas display bike for and he specified the Huffman level trim which included a fancier paint scheme and chrome tank.

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This bike still wears its original opalescent red paint and has a period correct Firestone speedometer. Roadmaster was the in-house brand of the Cleveland Welding Co. This is a fully restored bicycle in the original French blue and red. The forks, chain guard, sparkfun pro and rack were all chrome plated while the fenders were stainless steel to give the bike an all silver look.

  1. These rims, like the Chicago frames, were among the sturdiest ever built.
  2. Other manufacturers of bicycle components have date marks on their pieces.
  3. Preliminary data indicate this code began in the late seventies and extended at least through the late eighties.
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  • If you know of other components that are marked or coded that can be added to this list, please let me know.
  • Everything on the Airflos was meant to convey motion and streamlining from their radical Torrington Airflo handlebars to the curved fender braces to the streamlined pedals.
  • Like most bicycle manufacturers Shelby produced bikes for hardware stores, distributors, department stores, and tire stores such as Western Auto who sold Western Flyer bicycles.
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At our factory in the details of the headbadge. They were simply shown on the next catalog page, right before the Continental page. Oversize seat- and downtubes are another clue. Even the handlebars were cushioned with rubber.

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Here are not sure if you know how to phone me at that bike. The Phantom was offered in black, green, and red. If you have a stem with a code, and know the year of the bike on which it came or the date it was bought, please let me know. This is also why the fillet-brazed models came in the same colors as lower-priced Schwinns, which contributed to their obscurity. Unlike the Paramount, however, Superior and New World framesets were not lugged but fillet brazed of seamless chrome molybdenum tubing.

My earlier hubs have no such letter marking. This code was used on Mighty Comp models. In time, the Paramount came in a variety of models but remained expensive to produce and purchase. On a few of the early bikes such as this one a Wald rear reflector was used instead of the more common deluxe Schwinn reflector. This bicycle was in poor shape when first found and was treated to a full concours restoration performed by Bob Strucel, one of the top bicycle restorers in the country.

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From to the company also produced motorcycles. The codes appear on the inside face of each crank arm. Colson offered the Clipper after the war under their own name but the bike no longer featured the Cushioner fork and was not as deluxe as the pre-war Goodyear versions. It appears near the insertion mark. Many components are marked with size descriptors in addition to component manufacturer's date codes.

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The Monark name would continue into the early s and then fade away. New components often were used. Firestone never built any bicycles but did contract with bicycle manufacturers to produce bicycles with their badge for sale in Firestone stores. Ironically at a time when most other manufacturers offered the chain guard as standard this was an extra cost item on the Super Mobike. The first letter represents the year and the second is the month, your where A is January and L is December.

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